Nora Campionessa Italiana

16 Mag 2022

What a super day!
Dancove Rose Tattoo (Ch Marybel Fashion Boy x Goldentail Hey Foxy Lady), “Nora” won her last CAC yesterday at NDS Seveso 2022 and she become now ⚡️ ITALIAN CHAMPION ⚡️ (subject to ENCI validation).
I’m so proud of this young lady. Always happy and confident 🥰.
Thank you to all the judges who have appreciated her so much: Heather Morss, Sanja Vretenicic, Michael Møllegaard Kristensen, Richard McCoy, Maria Grazia Miglietta, and yesterday Giuseppe Messina.
Thank you of course to Maria del Mar for let me use his beautiful Micky for this his first lovely combination. Definitely a great choice and I’m so proud of this 😊.
And always thank you to my wife Silvia, beacause nothing without her would have been possible. All my world are you and our big big family ❤️
Wonderful pic, as always, by Simone Luca (you took my scalp! 🤣).

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